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W2 Hand & Body Protection Spray Aloevera & Floral 5 Litre |No Alcohol-No Bleach|Fights 99.9% Germs|Powered by ECORSANI Technology IIT Mumbai|Safe for Kids & W2 Ayurveda Ayush Kwath Immunity Booster (Pack of 2)

W2 Aloevera Hand & Body Protection Very safe ,Very good Powered by Ecorsani Technology from IIT Bombay, is a completely ALCOHOL FREE ,Natural ,Biodegradable,Safe and GRAS approved Composition.


  1. POWERED BY– ECORSANI Technology IIT Mumbai
  2. FIGHTS WITH– 99.9% Germs.
  3. NATURAL INGREDIENTS– No Alcohol, No Bleach, Non- Inflammable, No Chemicals, Safe for Kids.
  4. AS EFFECTIVE AS– 70% Alcohol or 1% Hypochlorite
  5. TRAVEL FRIENDLY– Perfect Size for Purses, Gym Bags, Cars, or anywhere you need Protection and fragrance on the go.
  6. STAY SAFE– The health and safety of our consumers is just as important as that of our own family. We do not test our products on animals.
  7. GET CLEAN HANDS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE– Recommended for repeat use.

Ingredients: Biopolymer, Clove Oil.

W2 अमर Ayush Kwath Boost your Immunity. The Ministry of Ayush recommended ” Ayush Kwath” as a health immunity booster .Infused with the goodness of Ayurveda W2 अमर Ayush Kwath is your shield against all germs causing diseases and your path to a healthy and happy life

1.Ayush Kwath will have all the herbs enlisted by the Ministry

2.There are many herbs in Indian traditional system that can boost immunity and keep many diseases away

3.Herbal Remedy helps in relieving cough, cold and respiratory problems

4.Suitable for Adults, Kids, Aged, Men & Women

5.Once a day with lukewarm water

This is Non Returnable & Non Refundable Product

Made in India

MRP: 2,898 1,750

You Save: 1,148 (40%)


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