W2 Strawberry Body Spa

The body needs care and nourishment in the same way as your face and this body spa combining tricholoma matsutake, a rare & valuable species of mushroom will give it a new lease of life. Instead of harsh chemical-based soaps that cause your skin to look dull and lifeless. Tricholoma matsutake has natural skin whitening, anti-inflammatory properties due to presence of phelonycs and flavanoids and also improves skin elasticity. The strawberry controls age spot and leaves you feeling fresh and fruity.

Ingredients: Strawberry, Mushroom, Olive Oil, Almond Oil.

Direction for use: Squeeze a small quantity on your palm and gently massage skin body for 3-5 minutes, working up a lather. Rinse off with water and enjoy the natural Fragrance the whole day.


  1. Enriched with natural Strawberry extract with mild surfactants, this refreshing body wash will gently cleanse and remove dead cells while hydrating your skin.
  2. The Tricholoma matsutake contains natural skin -whitening and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. It controls the skin s sebum levels and improves skin elasticity.
  4. The Salicylic and ellagic acid in Strawberry will cleanse, Protect against UV-rays and leave you fruity-fresh.

Storage: Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight.

Caution: For external use only.

Made in India 

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Regenerate skin

Being an excellent cleansing means, this body wash contains vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants and exfoliants. Antioxidant fights skin degeneration by free radicals and preserves its freshness and bloom.

Young and Fresh Skin

Strawberry body wash removes contaminants and soften the skin as well as relieve sensitivities and other irritants and present clearer and younger looking skin. Strawberries hydrates the skin while maintaining the sebum levels

Open pores

Salicylic acid present in the strawberry body wash removes and replaces dead cells while contracting the open pores resulting in a more even toned skin. Strawberries improves the antioxidant level of the skin which enhances the skin immunity.


Haldi extract

Turmeric, a significant ingredient in Ayurveda is an exceptional exfoliating agent. It serves to reverse the signs of ageing. Turmeric is highly effective in lessening traces of pigmentation, making the skin tone even.

Strawberry extract

Strawberry Extract contains vitamin C that has anti-ageing properties. Washing your face with this regularly removes excess sebum on skin. It works best on blemishes and acne scars. Also helps in skin lightening.

Olive oil

Vitamin E rich, olive oil heals damaged skin. Its antioxidant nature improves the skin quality; giving is an even tone. Presence of Polyphenols and Phytosterols encourages new collagen production.

Why W2

For a strong Association

W2 products are formulated to allow you get the feel of nature. With inspirations and ingredients that nature has to offer, we develop products that balances the effects of overtime contamination on your skin.

Fresh from Nature’s Lap

W2 is a brand that you can easily bond with. We associate ourselves closely with natural ingredients and our products will not appear foreign to you.

Reflect upon your needs

We understand that time constrains you from dedicating efforts for self care in a natural way and thats why W2 focuses on bringing natural remedies into daily lives. W2 provides you solutions for skin care with an approach that combines science and nature’s power of healing.

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